Video Submission

Do you have a video to share with The Kitty Nation? Maybe a short one, like Boogie here in his Tweetie-talk demo. Or maybe a little longer. Our criteria and requirements are simple:

  • There must be a kitty in the video.
  • It must be 100% family-kitty-friendly.
  • It must be your own video, and not “borrowed” from someone who would be enraged, upset, or driven to scratch and bite if their video were “borrowed.”
  • To keep things simple, we prefer the .mp4 format. Other formats may work, such as .mov, .mpg, etc.

What are you waiting for? Dig out that video, fill out the form below, upload your file in the space below, make sure all the boxes are checked at the end of the form, and pounce on that submit button. The kitties are ecstatically running around chasing their tails at the thought of your video!

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Please let us know which you prefer. We will honor your wishes.