On This Day Of Concern

On this day of concern we gather together,

To see how we’ll manage to cheer one another,

I speak as your friend and as Jubilee’s brother,

I know that to many she’s a surrogate mother.

          Her joy and her cheer we do mightily miss,

          So please do indulge me as I reminisce,

          My sister has been such a source of great bliss,

          And when I next see her, I’ll give a nose kiss.

We knew not she had an illness to bear,

It surely has given us all a big scare,

Let’s gather our hope and all please say a prayer,

And believe that our Precious will have the best care.

          Then later today as the sun starts to set,

          We trust that there’ll be not a single regret,

          We’ll eagerly wait with our dear Bernadette,

          When we get happy news from our family vet.

Our sister, Jubilee!