Beautiful Brin

Poem by Tykie

Beautiful Brin, you sit all alone,

What are thy thoughts, what is thy tone?

Art thou amused, befuddled, enthralled?

Wouldst thou dare come, if ever I called?

Loveliest Brin, you sit so serene,

All in your white, you mimic a queen,

I look in thine eyes, with far away gaze,

Their meaning to me, a secretive maze.

          Mysterious Brin, on sill doth thou stay,

          Posed to perfection, avoiding the fray,

          A picture thou art, a poem on parade,

          Thy privacy treasured, no one dare invade.

O beautiful Brin, I sit from afar,

I know that we share some unfathomable star,

My friend in the window, to thy mind alone,

The depths of mine own mind, will surely be known.

Bernie’s drawing of Brin . . .

a perfect likeness.